Barnabé – Castelldefels

Hidden inbetween lousy British pubs and fast food restaurants, Barnabé is more than just another watering hole for tourists from all over the continent. The two owners of this French renaissance-styled bar with its funky purple-painted walls and interieur details know how to satisfy their thirsty customers. They are well aware of the importance of tiny details, which make up for a good bar experience. Bechergold-bar-review-barnabe-castelldelfels-barcelona What I realy like at Barnabé is, that every piece of the drink is made with passion. Cherries pickled in a jar with Scotch lay on the counter and in the back stands a full rack of homemade dried fruitslices for a simple, but beautiful garnish. Bechergold-bar-review-barnabe-castelldelfels-barcelona-1 If you ask me for a reccomendation for a drink, I would say, try the Pornstar Martini, a maracuja flavoured Martini with a little shot of Cava or a raspberry Mojito. Actually, try the all!

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Av. dels Banys, 18

08860 Castelldefels

Barcelona, Spain

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