Gin Tonic – Tschin Gin

Normally, I would have to excuse myself for posting a regular G&T. Over the past few years, communication agencies and bearded hipsters with no experience in the art of making a good spirit began focusing on craft gin, creating a hype that satiated the international bar scene. With mediocre watering holes creating their own G&T menus, this classic highball at the same time gained popularity while losing its authenticity. However, Tschin Gin from Switzerland stands out amongst the crowd of craft gins while keeping it simple. Its distiller, Rudi Käser, used only four botanicals for his outstanding product. All of these can be found near the distillery. The combination of juniper, wild strawberries, cherry blossoms and woodruff provides the gin with a natural sweetness which is not to be mistaken for the artificial and sugary aftertaste you probably know from some commercial gins. Another sidefact that makes this product so special is this very sweet and colorful label, because Grandpa Käser is doing all of them by himself, one at the time! That makes 250 labels for the first batch and is very cool and unique. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA When it comes to choosing a tonic water, I would recommend something light and dry. This time, I stuck with Swiss products and chose Gents tonic. It is really dry and the usage of beet sugar gives it an unobtrusive and subtle sweetness. This is definitely going to be one of your favourite go-to G&Ts in the upcoming summer season! Cheers.

At least (!) 5cl Tschin Gin
Gents Tonic Water

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