Ginger-Cucumber Lemonade – boozefree

Summer finally arrived in Hamburg and the Negroni Week is going full speed. (I'll have one of these nice classic italian aperitifs later this week.)

During this past beautiful warm summer weekend I needed some refreshing lemonade for a good afternoon bbq. So I tried a self-made ginger-cucumber lemonade which is just perfect for this weather. With all the lemonades, it is up to you to add booze to it. With this lemonade I would probably try Hendrick's Gin or a Green Mark Vodka to make some sort Moscow Mule.

Recipe for about 1/3 litre of lemonade syrup. Enjoy.

1 Fresh Cucumber

1 Piece of Ginger

Juice of 3 freshly squeezed Lemons

200 ml Water

150 g Sugar

* * *



* * *


Cucumber Slice

* * *


Drinking Jar

* * *

Cut ginger in slices and heat up with water and sugar for 5 min. Place all ingredients in a mixer and mix until well combined. Double strain into bottle. Use 1pt. of ginger-cucumber syrup and 1pt. soda for the drink.



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