Negroni – Gin Mare

When talking about traditional cocktails, one automatically has to talk about the Negroni. With only three base ingredients, this aromatic masterpiece is extraordinarily simple, yet rich in taste and flavour. A few days ago, as the first summerly sunbeams of the year hit the balcony of our office, we instantly knew that we had to find something to celebrate with a drink that matches the colours of this picture-perfect sunset. Well, since it was a monday we could not come up with a decent reason to celebrate, so we just decided on celebrating Camillo Negroni, the inventor of the Negroni, by pouring a few ourselves.

Everytime I drink a Negroni, it amazes me how well the herbs of the gin blend with the sweetness of vermouth and the subtle bitterness of Campari. The story behind this classic is actually as simple as the drink itself: In the early 20th century, the upper class of Florence totally hyped a drink called Americano, which is a blend of Campari, vermouth and soda water. Camillo Negroni (sympathically) felt the Need to substitute the soda water with something stronger. His go-to bartender decided to stick with a clear liquid and used gin. That's how simple it can be. For our version of the classic Negroni, we used delightfully fresh and herby Gin Mare from Catalonia and Caprano Antica vermouth. Enjoy an Americano...but strong!  

3 cl Gin Mare

3 cl Caprano Antica

3 cl Campari

* * *



* * *


Orange zest

* * *



* * *

Place all ingrendiences in a mixing glas. Add Icecubes and stir until perfectly deluted. Strain into cold tumbler on rocks. Garnish.

  Negroni Recipe for Bechergold  

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