The Boilerman Bar – Hamburg

I love a bar where you walk in and a friendly person asks for your jacket. No matter how crowded this bar is on the weekend - they take care of it. Anyway, I like to go to this bar on a Monday evening at 8 p.m. when businesspeople have finished their afterworkbeer and partypeople still work on their headdache from the weekend. This is the time were you can enjoy a highball at its best. Bechergold-bar-review-boilerman-bar-2 The concept of the Boilerman Bar is to serve highballs. Drinks, which are slightly smaler than longdrinks but with the same amount of a spirit and less of a filler like ginger ale, soda, etc. In this way, the focus lays on the actual spirit. Of course, you'll also get a very good Old Fashioned or a Pale Ale. What I learned from bartenders from the boilerman bar is, that the highball has it's name from a historic railroad signal. A sphere, mounted on a pole next to the railroad tracks to signal permission for a train to proceed at full speed, if the ball was at the top of the pole (See picture below). Bechergold-bar-review-boilerman-bar-4 If you visit the boilerman bar for the first time, you'll see a lot of bright, green drinks. The Gin Basil Highball. A version of the famous Gin Basil Smash, precisely fitted to a highball glas. But if you “work“ yourself through the menu, you'll discover a lot more than this... Bechergold-bar-review-boilerman-bar-7 Pimm's Cup, Old Fashioned, Gin Tonic, Tapwater & Cigarettes Bechergold-bar-review-boilerman-bar-5 Boilerman Menu Bechergold-bar-review-boilerman-bar-1

Gin Basil Highball and a Panamento Highball

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Eppendorfer Weg 211

20253 Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

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