The Lost & Found – Birmingham

Honestly, Birmingham isn't the most attractive city I’ve visited so far. Therefore, I was even more excited to find this beauty just around the corner of our apartment. It's not a secret, that England has a lot of highly recommended bars and The Lost & Found should definitely be a part of it. TheLostandfound-Bechergold-Bar-Review The former bank building with it's fancy vintage furniture is a nice and cosy place for a good drink. The interior is actually already worth the visit. Your eye can catch so many details in every corner. And please do not hesistate to step in, because of its’ fancy look – the prices are totally fine, especially for the UK. Bechergold_Post_Bar_Review_Birmingham_TheLostandfound_Bar Behind the Bookcase-min Since we arrived before 8 p.m., I had to try a Found Cocktail first, which was on offer for only 5£. I ordered a “Thyme for Pisco“, a (of course) Pisco Based Cocktail with Cointreau and some kind of elderflower liqueur. Nice, and a rare beauty in the expensive british bar scene. It was good to see a bar in this dimension, that still manages to make high quality Drinks with great ingredients. Bechergold_Post_Bar_Review_Birmingham_TheLostandfound_Aerial View So if you ever happen to be in Birmingham skip those huge bar / restaurant chains and stop by this lovely individual place.  

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8 Bennet's Hill

Birmingham B2 5RS,

Birmingham, England

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  1. loved it there 🙂

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